Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging - Leap Day, 2008

Enjoy them while you can.

Remember when Buddy Impeachment and Charlie came to live with us, I told you I was Taking in Refugees? Well, my daughter just heard from her friend who was unable to take them with him, and he will be returning to KC in a few weeks, and while the subject wasn't broached directly, I can not imagine that he would not want to reclaim his kitties.

Wouldn't you? They are not only gorgeous, they are really good cats - they don't howl incessantly and they don't yack hairballs in my Doc Marten's Mary Janes. Besides that, I live in a historic brick walk-up with a stone foundation and I have never seen a mouse, and we moved here over a year ago. Don't know if that trend would continue if we didn't have a cat, and I'm not sure we want to risk it...

Anyway, I will continue to blog them on Fridays as long as I have them, so without further ado, here is this Fridays catblogging...

Here is Buddy Impeachment on a dining room chair. He has taken his eye off the ball rubber band to look at me and the one-eyed silver thing, so you can't tell that he is doing mighty battle with one of Zoe's pony-tail holders. This is an activity on which he can perseverate for the better part of an hour, and frequently does. He will exhaust himself and then pass out for, oh, 10-15 hours.

Charlie. I managed to snap this right before he jumped from the cedar chest to my chest. And I'm going to preemptively answer the question "what book is that you are reading?" and even plug it a little bit. It is I Wish I'd Been There, a compilation of essays about signal moments in American history, written by noted historians who have studied the events they write about in great detail. My favorite essay in the book is Carol Berkin's George Washington and the Newburgh Conspiracy.

Now, let's talk about the future of catblogging on this site...

I see a couple of options...My nephew and his significant other - oh hell, my niece and nephew - have a teeny tiny Boston Terrier puppy. He has only been weened for a couple of weeks, and he really is cute as a button. I could get them to shoot pictures of him my way to post in the time I am sans feline.

Or I could resurrect Public Art blogging. I started doing that last spring, then I just sorta dropped it...oh yes - I remember now - my vintage digital camera died, and I went back to snapping the cats with my daughters camera (she lives downstairs!) until I got a new one. I hadn't been doing it long enough for it to be a habit, or for it to develop a following, and I let it fall to the wayside.

So what do you think, folks? I have a trove of fabulous public art around here, and if I resurrect that feature, you all can send me pictures of your own local favorites and share them with the class.

Ideas? Opinions? Bouquets? Brickbats?

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