Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging - 21 February 2008

Honey-do list edition

Charlie is usually pretty good about staying on the towel I lay across the foot of the bed to keep him off my satin bedding, but once in a while, he gets feisty and wrestles it instead. The Honey-do project in this picture is the chest in the background. I have had it for years, it is real wood, and it has been schlepped all over the globe. It needs stripped, painted and new handles. You can see one of the pulls has fallen off - and has been residing in a wicker basket on top for a few weeks now.

Tuckered out. These are not diminutive cats - they are both in the neighborhood of 20 pounds, with Buddy Impeachment being slightly larger than his brother. I'm sure the downstairs neighbors were quite thrilled with their antics. The pictures of them wrestling were all blurry, so I snapped them after their marathon wrestling match. The Honey-do project in this one is a bit more detailed - in fact I haven't broached the subject yet - but when this was a rental, the glorious woodwork got painted. I know - it makes me sick. Since the trim around the front door is loose anyway, I think we should pull it all down and strip it back to natural wood. He may tell me to get bent...

Sorry y'all, but Dreidel has been banished to her own house for being a razor-clawed terror after I caught her swinging from one of my best dresses in the closet...this after a lot of stern looks from the better half in response to her taking after his recliner.

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