Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Ass on Your Way Out

Here's why I don't think anyone is going to miss "Buelahman"

Buelahman: "Your Hillary is Bush Lite, and Obama is only slightly better."

This prompted me to say that he is definitely not a serious person. Anyone who thinks that can go pound sand. This election is too important to tolerate absolutists and the delusional. This election is going to hand the presidency to John McCain if that kind of thinking prevails. And that means permanent wars, permanent death and the endless killing of US troops in a failed war based on lies that were told to enhance the political career of George W Bush and get him re-elected.

Case closed? No, then we get this:

The Dems are just as rabidly crazy as the THUGS
Posted by buelahman on February 27, 2008

I took their link down from my BlogRoll because of it. No need to ask who it was. But the point is that there are democratic sycophants, just as ideologically ignorant and brainwashed as those on the Right that call themselves republicans, but are truly reTHUGlicans. What we see in the Democratic debates is EXACTLY who they want us to see. And the Pale Riders of the world jump on board like some foaming mouthed idiot.

I don’t fall into either group, but when you address those that try to force you in their group, like the democratic ideologue Pale Rider, they are just as bad, if not worse, than the THUGS in their treatment.

Rednecks, don’t be fooled by those who are no different than Bush in any real way. Don’t listen to the garbage spewed by the left as if it is truth, any more than the fools on the right. There is not a hill’s beans worth of difference, and that is EXACTLY the way they planned and implemented it.

The fact is that Hillary Clinton is just more of the same old shit we have had for 7 years. Packaged a bit different, but we will not see much “change” with her (or Obama). The Missouri Fool may think so, but that is what fools do. The Missouri Fool certainly cannot debate or discuss, so no one would really know for sure. Just mouth and a lot of it.

Does this make me unserious to say that the dems are no different than what we now have? To suggest that we are simply voting for the least of the evils presented?

Pale Rider, the democratic party weenie holder, thinks so.

Well, to hell with Democrats and the Pale Asshole. I’m no ones patsy, even tho he doesn’t mind being one.

I also don’t befriend dickheads. Life is too short and there are truly friendly people around, whereas that nincompoop is hardly that.

[emphasis mine]

I'll wear the disdain of people like yourself with great pride. I'm the Maryland part of this operation--I've only gone to basic training in Missouri. I don't live there now. The esteemed Blue Girl is the host, and I play by her rules. I am a guest in her home, but she lets me get stuff out of the fridge and use the good bathroom when necessary. I will not trample on her hospitality, but let me say this to you--

NO reply is necessary.

UPDATE I - by Blue Girl

Goodness. Bring the fainting couch!

Seriously, I think we'll manage to soldier on. Make no mistake, I, too, am a dedicated god-damned yellow dog, vote-for-Satan-just-not-in-the-primary, DEMOCRAT. I am not a Hubert Humphry, 70's squish of a democrat, tho. I a a fighting liberal and a proud member of my Grandmother's Democratic Party. I know what the party has achieved in the past and how it has made the lives of Ordinary Americans better. I have 40 acres of timber, and every time I flip a light switch on Cain Ridge, I say a little thank you to the New Deal.

I will be god-damned if I will abdicate the party that has made real positive change happen for this country. I am also a realist to an annoying degree. I look at the big picture and what I see as the best chance to salvage the Republic is to take back the party and elect more and better Democrats, and while we are at it, get the American electorate to pull their head out of their collective ass, put down the Cheetos and turn off American Idol and start paying attention to what the fuck is going on.

Now, that all said, I have no time for internecine whining and pedantry and I'll chase anyone who tries that shit around me off my porch with a broom.

UPDATE II -by Blue Girl

"Your Hillary is Bush Lite, and Obama is only slightly better."

Now that I think about it, I'm pissed off.

This is the sort of stupid shit that really sets my teeth on edge.

What the fuck?

Remember 2000? That is the sort of bullshit reasoning, spread by idiots like Dowd and Rich, and picked up on by far too many gullible saps, that gave us Bush. Anyone who still parrots this idiocy now has been in a god-damned coma for seven fucking years. Or doesn't have the sense god gave a screwdriver. Take your pick.

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