Thursday, January 3, 2008

Watch out, Huck--THIS is How They Get You

I had to take a screen shot and save this and put it up:

With all of the stock photos of Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee out there, THIS was the photo MSNBC.Com ran on their website at around 9:20PM Eastern Time. I took a screenshot of it, didn't color balance it, just wiped some of the marginal stuff out and tried to focus on the detail on his face and the headline. There is no intentional distorting of the image, and I don't use Photoshop.

What you might see if you look closely is a Nixonian look to Huckabee--he has the five o'clock shadow of Dick Nixon and he is prominently displaying his lopsided, almost snaggletoothed smile. His cheeks are washed either with makeup or something along the lines of bad clown rouge.It's Not A Flattering Photo, is what I'm saying.

And do you think that's an accident? The people who live in the rich village of Washington DC don't want Huck to win anything other than a one-way ticket for him, his bass, and Chuck Norris back to Hicksville.

When you see pictures like this, you have to call out the friggin' media on them.

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