Friday, January 18, 2008

Russert Gets it Wrong

Tim Russert, doing his usual bit to encourage us all to go to the blogs for reality and stay away from the ineptitude he and Chris Matthews show every time they try to go on TV, was caught lying again about what's happening in South Carolina:

Russert: Well, it’s Mike Huckabee versus John McCain. Mitt Romney has abandoned the state. He’s heading out to Nevada, which I think he’ll win. But South Carolina’s too close to call. Whoever can turn out most of their base is going to win and have a real chance when they go into Florida the following week.

Huckabee has locked up the evangelical Christians. John McCain has locked up the war veterans.

You know 60 percent of the voters on the Republican side are evangelicals. Huckabee gets 33% of those. With non-evangelicals, it drops down to 11%. He has a very strong base with born-again Christians, but he hasn’t been able to expand it.

When it comes to John McCain and Mike Huckabee, the latest polls are a tossup.

No, that's wrong, as we showed earlier this week. There is a schism within the Vietnam Veterans and a well-financed and vocal group of them is trying to sink McCain's chances in South Carolina. These are actual Veterans doing this, and the statement that 'McCain has locked up the war veterans is wrong.

Now, why would evangelicals reject someone who divorced his wife after committing adultery? Do you think they have some ideas of their own in that regard? I just don't see McCain, Guiliani or even old Newt Gingrich catching fire with the religious crowd. Lifestyle choices, perhaps?

After I wrote this, I forgot to mention that McCain probably doesn't have the support of a key segment of Veterans--that is, Veterans of the Iraq war who don't want to keep re-deploying there every other year for the next 1,000,000 years or whatever.

Since Russert won't correct his statement, and since Friday Catblogging is nice but every day is a day for excitement, we'll just have to look at FIGHTING BEARS!

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