Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Lawless Insanity of Mike Huckabee

Some snark always works when you're out of ideas, and besides--why attack a Democrat when attacking a Republican is so much more fun and appropriate?

From the campaign trail in Iowa:

On the Republican side, two former governors, Mike Huckabee of Arkansas and Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, are vying to finish first in Iowa.

Amid murmurs of "Amen!" at a pizza parlor in Sergeant Bluff, Huckabee urged hundreds: "Don't go alone. Take people with you. Fill up your car. Rent a van. Hijack your church's bus, whatever you've got to do to get people to the caucus who are going to vote for me."

Yes, that's candidate Mike Huckabee, encouraging supporters to HIJACK the buses used by their church in order to support him.

Hijack? Did a candidate actually say that? In a day and age when, if you or I said something like that in line to get on a plane, we'd be tasered and thrown in the back of a van and sent to the county jail?

Irregardless, that little snippet of frantic campaigning stood out to me. A candidate should clearly not be telling people to commit felony vehicle theft and commit a serious act of felony mischief and "hijack" a church bus. There's a word for all of this. It's called "judgement." And, clearly, that sumbitch doesn't have any "judgement."

Case in point, his hiring of Ed Rollins:

Rollins says it had been his idea to show the ad [the controversial attack ad that Huckabee pulled, only to show it to reporters and "hope" they would rebroadcast it for free]to reporters, the logic being that it was already in the hands of television stations. As for the gathering, Rollins says, "Now would I have loved to cancel the press conference? You betcha. Would I have loved to pull the signs down? Yes. But this decision was made about 11, 11:10 in the morning." The news conference was scheduled for noon.

Riding in the elevator afterward, Rollins says, he told Huckabee, " 'Governor, this is what it means to be president. The president gets lots of advice and makes a lot of tough decisions . . . But you made the decision.' "

"I admire the fact he's trying to change the environment," Rollins says. "What I have to do is make sure that my anger with a guy like Romney, whose teeth I want to knock out, doesn't get in the way of my thought process."

Felonies, felonies, felonies. That's what you'll get when you pick someone like Huckabee.

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