Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January 9 is the deadline, Missouri

In order to vote in the Super Tuesday primary on February 5, Missourians must be registered to vote by the end of the day today. You can do so at any branch of the Kansas City Public Library.

The primary is where we choose our standard bearer, and it is time for both Democrats and Republicans to take the primary back from the very worst elements of our parties who have hijacked the process for far too long.

The Republican primaries have been hijacked by bible bleaters - just look across the state line. When is the last time a sane Republican even made it through the primary to stand for election in the general? It just doesn't happen. The Kansas GOP would never stand Nancy Kassebaum (for whom I proudly voted twice) for election to the United States Senate today - she would loose the primary to a wingnut, who would loose to a moderate Democrat in the general.

And Democrats - good gawd, people! Take the process back from the hand-wringing appeasers who would compromise the party to death! Stand the hell up, and take back the party of Truman and FDR so some real, honest-to-Jefferson DEMOCRATS can get on the ballot!

Today is the deadline. Get registered (or if you have moved, get your registration updated) by the end of the day today. Look at the candidates, and cast your primary vote for the one that best represents you.

Primaries matter. Primaries are where the winnowing takes place. Primaries are the most important elections. Don't skip the primary then whine about your choices come November. Today is the deadline, Missouri. Get registered and get involved. Don't let the worst elements your party has to offer make the choice for you who will be on the ballot in November.

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