Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Democrats - grow the hell up!

There are a whole lot of Democrats that are pissing me off royally right now. Lurking in the comments section of the "big" blogs, I have seen some really stupid shit spouted by people I thought were intelligent and rational.

One self-important twit said a few days ago that if the general election was a choice between McCain and Clinton, she would by-god vote for McCain, so deep (and irrational) is her loating of Hillary. Another commenter I used to think had a bit going on between her ears came back with "Don't do that. Do what I plan to do. Stay home."

Both of you - present your asses for a sound kicking right god-damned now.

It isn't about you.

It isn't about me.

Hell, it isn't even about the candidates.

It is about the future of our country.

The next president is going to pick at least one Supreme Court Justice.

And as we have seen with the two feckless weenies that aWol appointed, the current court is very pro-business, anti-consumer...and anti-woman. Do you want to strengthen that stranglehold and turn the clock back even further?


Then get over yourselves and put your petulant little fit of pique back in it's box and suck it up. Work for your candidate like hell in the primary, but once the nomination is secured, by God, get in line. Because if you don't, I sure as hell don't want to hear your ass whine.

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