Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Calling it a success a couple of days early

Wow! You guys are the best! You really came through with the fundraiser, and I am humbled, awed and overwhelmed.

I have ordered a new laptop and printer, shared some love with Pale Rider, set aside a few bucks for another rainy day (that daughter is a ways from being called "Doctor," after all) and in a few days when the snail-mail donations have finished trickling in, we will be making a donation to Fisher House, on behalf of the authors and readers of this site.

We appreciate your donations and sharing your hard-earned money with us. It feels really good to know that the niche we have carved out over here is appreciated to such a degree. I will spend the rest of my life living up to the standard I set for myself based on your overwhelming display of confidence.

Thank you all again. If you are still in a giving mood, I would like to suggest you direct donations to either Fisher House, or the Kansas City Public Library, or any of the fine organizations listed in the left sidebar, under the heading “worthy causes.”

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