Friday, December 28, 2007

I need your help!

I just got another award!

I have been awarded a Golden Monkeyfister, and that puts me in league with some pretty damned impressive company!

Here is what the inimitable MF had to say about our little 24-hour coffee klatch:

And finally, but certainly not last....

The True Golden Monkeyfist-- To Blue Girl, Red State for most exemplifying the spirit of living in a state, in a district where there is no Democratic Representation. Blue Girl refuses to bend, refuses to yield, and keeps the ideals of America, Democracy, and the Human Spirit alive. This award has not been given out before, does not get given out lightly, and certainly not often. Reading BGRS over this past year has been very re-affirming to me-- stuck as I am in a similar situation. I consider BGRS to be my Sister-Site in spirit. Thank you for your warrior spirit, Blue Girl. Readers should bookmark her site, and read it regularly.
Ah, but with great honor, comes great responsibility...

In other words, there is a catch, my Lovelies....

I'm sure you all followed the link and read MF's post, so you know that all of the winners are supposed to submit the names and URL for three more smallish blogs for the Au Peer Award, and the sites will be evaluated and debated in comments at a location somewhere in Blogtopia™ (yes!! skippy - a 2006 winner btw - coined that phrase!) and those nominees will be debated and evaluated in comments. Then, one lucky winner will be chosen from the three submissions that are offered by each of us.

So here is what I need from you, my Darlings...Gaze to your right (I know - looking to the right is an utterly unnatural proposition for many of us - but do try) and carefully consider my sidebar. Note who is listed there, and click a few links. Look carefully at the blogs that I have linked, especially the "Compatriots, Cohorts and Interlocutors" and the "Courtesy Link Exchange" blogrolls, and leave your favorite one, or two, or even three nominations in comments, and over the next day or so, we will have a little prelude to the big show, right here in the comments section of this post! (Prefer to make your nominations in private? Send me an email at bluegirl-dot-redstate-at-gmail-dot-com.)

Thanks for your help guys! I am certain I can count on y'all to help out here...I mean, you folks are the best looking and smartest people on all the web! (And it goes world-wide, you know!)

I'm so excited! This is every bit as good as that time I was interviewed on NPR! About political blogging!

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