Friday, December 28, 2007

Final Friday Catblogging for 2007

Buddy Impeachment is really fond of the
courtyard and the deck...except when it looks like this outside...

Then he is really fond of the futon, and the radiator that you can't see.

The little shopping bags they give you at the
Kansas City Public Library to carry your books home in
(at least when, like us, you check out multiples)
is perfectly Dreidel-sized!

Charlie really likes the towel rack, especially
when the towels are still warm from the dryer.

Sorry about the tint on the last two...the camera was set on "sepia tones" but I decided to use the pictures anyway...

And since Kevin is on can get your second dose of Catblogging at WTWC this week! (Or is it the third? Strannix isn't loading for me...but he's a catblogger, too) Anyway, go say hello to Smudge, who graciously allows my friend (who is also my layer and my fellow WTWC co-blogger) Corpus Juris and his lovely wife to share his domicile, so long as they continue to pay the bills and buy the solid white albacore.

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