Monday, July 9, 2007

1735, here we come!

Missouri’s juvenile offender of a governor continues his assault on common sense and decency, and especially the female citizens of the state. He made a big show of signing a big wet kiss to the Missouri Right to Life clown contingent into law last week. Like everyone in the state doesn’t know that this was just Matty B groveling and cloying his way back into their good graces after alienating them by promoting Amendment 2 last fall, because he is facing reelection next year and needs the single-issue votes they can deliver to even clear a probable primary challenge, so feeble has been his governance.

The new law, which will take effect Aug. 28, also bars people affiliated with abortion providers from teaching or supplying materials for sex education courses in public schools, and it allows schools to offer abstinence-only programs.

It cements into state statute an existing grant program for centers that encourage women to deliver babies instead of having abortions.

Blunt proclaimed the law “one of the strongest pieces of pro-life legislation in Missouri history” as he spoke from a cross-shaped lectern during a signing ceremony in the sanctuary of Concord Baptist Church. The governor also was scheduled to promote the legislation in Joplin, Hannibal and suburban St. Louis. (emphasis mine)

The Republican governor said he had no qualms if the stricter state oversight caused hardships for abortion clinics. (Bloggers aside – This is the governor who slashed Medicaid eliminated the Foster Grandparents Program, Denied contraception to poor and low income women, and tried to drown First Steps in the bathtub. He loves babies. That is, until they are born and require services and funds.)

“I say if they can’t meet the same basic requirements that other (medical) providers do, then they should shut down,” Blunt said. (Bloggers aside – I have been unable to confirm that he then put his thumbs in his ears, waggled his fingers and stuck out his tongue before saying “neener, neener, neener!”)

Missouri Right to Life, which backed the measure, says groups such as Planned Parenthood have a conflict of interest in supplying materials for sex education courses, because they could potentially make money off female students who later visit their clinics. (MRtL is full of shit. Educated women who have the facts are less likely to find themselves in need of an abortion.)

Blunt alleged that abortion providers were deriving a “significant source of revenue” by selling sex education materials to taxpayer-financed school districts. (This is a blatant lie. Told in church, to boot.)

Planned Parenthood said it provided sex education materials to schools free and that its staff members who teach sexual health and education lessons in 41 Missouri schools were trained not to discuss abortions. A top official at the organization denied any conflict and called that assertion “political propaganda.” (The official is more civil about it all than I am. They are lying agenda-whores who are more interested in forcing their morality on other people than they are in making certain every child is a wanted child. They are hypocrites of the first order, and I have no use at all for pro-lifers who do not care about that life once it is delivered and draws its first breath, and after that point is a “drain on the system.”)

Well, I am not the only woman in Missouri to get her rage on over this apostasy.

Over on the other side of the state, the Angry Black Bitch has issued a call to action. Go read what she has to say, and leave her a comment if you are in. I did, and I am.

Do that as soon as you enjoy a world-class mocking of the idiocy of "abstinence only" as only The Family Guy can deliver.

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