Friday, June 1, 2007

It’s a miracle he can walk at all

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01 June 2007

(Pearl-clutching warning issued for harsh language...sometimes profane is the only fucking way to capture the appropriate fucking level of outrage.)

The man will need a wheelchair to get to court – ‘cuz there is no way in hell he can walk with stones this big.

Scooter Libby wants probation…and maybe a little community service…if he can work it in between the time the aspens turn and Thanksgiving. Can you fucking stand it? Commit treason against our nation, and have the unmitigated gall to shamelessly ask for probation???

And the hell with the notion of leniency because he's a first time offender. HE COMMITTED TREASON. There should be no leniency, and the time should be spent at hard labor. i live close enough to Leavenworth to hand him the sledgehammer my damned self. In fact I volunteer to do so!

In Japan, he would be obliged to kill himself in order to redeem his honor...But we are not talking about a man of honor - we are talking about a Cheney flack would know nothing about that. My bad.

Seriously – I threw up a little in my mouth when I heard about this.

He outed a CIA asset – the number one asset we had where nuclear counter-proliferation was concerned – because her husband told the truth about some lies that the war criminal in the oval office told – lies that have displaced as many as 5 million people in a population of 25 million – and killed upward to one million human beings - nearly 3500 of them Americans.

The man has the blood of a million people on his hands, and he compromised national security for the most crass, craven, mendacious of reasons…Politics.

And now he wants probation?


I'm gonna be sick again.

He committed treason. If there was justice, he would fucking hang by the neck until dead. Seriously. He is right up there with Benedict Arnold as far as traitors to the nation go. We executed the Rosenberg's for less.

I hope Judge Walton is just half as offended by this notion as I am.

The opprobrium of his offense is such that he should die.

The mere idea that he should get probation is an affront to common decency.

Has he, at long last, no shame?

(h/t Jeralyn @ TalkLeft who is a hell of a lot more reserved and deliberative about this apostasy than I am.)

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