Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Watching Those We Chose...Does it again!!!

Fellow founding member of Watching Those We Chose and practicing attorney Corpus Juris earned some well-deserved big-time recognition today when multiple posts on the Georgia Thompson miscarriage of Justice were highlighted in a post by professional blogger Kevin Drum at the Washington Monthly blog, Political Animal.

The Political Prisoner post by Yours Truly which was cross-posted here was also linked.

You know, when the history of blogs is written, WTWC is going to be cited as second only to TPM in importance when discussing the role of bloggers in unmasking the DoJ scandal; and with real lawyers offering the analysis. Thanks to the support of Kevin Drum and Steve Benen, and the hard work of some very fine people I was fortunate enough to convince to throw in their lot with the likes of me...light has been shining in some very dark corners.

Hearty thanks to all of them! Words truly can not express just how grateful I am to each and every one.

UPDATE: The Senate Judiciary Committee has requested documents regarding the Thompson case from Alberto Gonzalez. In a letter sent Tuesday, committee chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., and five other Democratic senators said they were "concerned whether or not politics may have played a role'' in the case against Georgia Thompson.

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