Monday, April 2, 2007


How convenient…While the White House is jumping up and down, pounding on the table (which is what you do when the facts and the law are both against you) and all but accusing Nancy Pelosi of treason for her scheduled trip to Syria and planned meeting with Syrian leader Assad, they are failing to mention that not only is her trip bipartisan, but other Republican lawmakers are either currently visiting the country, or are scheduled to do so.

"I know that Assad probably really wants people to come and have a photo opportunity and have tea with him, and have discussions about where they're coming from, but we do think that's a really bad idea." That is White House spokeswoman Dana Perino in a press briefing held Friday, March 30.

Note that she did not criticize Republican lawmakers who were separately slated to visit Syria. In fact, on April 1, Reps. Frank Wolf (R-VA), Joseph R. Pitts (R-PA) and Robert Aderholt (R-AL) traveled to Damascus and met with Assad, two days before Pelosi's scheduled trip.

Yes. Nancy is downright treasonous in their eyes, but the Republicans who are sitting down to tea with Assad were not even mentioned.

Like I said – election be damned – I(s)OKIYAR – It’s (still) OK If You Are A Republican.


jurassicpork said...

They did the same thing when Sen. Nelson of Florida went there late last year to talk to Assad. He went there against WH orders and he aid "Fuck you" and went anyway.

So the GOP-led delegation, it could be plausibly posited, was the fruit of Nelson's labors.

Anonymous said...

BGRS (aka global citizen)~

It's going to be grand when Madame Speaker comes away from Syria with positive press from the region and then from international news agencies. It may be OKIYAR to show up anywhere in the world and demand attention, but it takes a middle-age, articulate democrat to actually make a good impression and begin to set into place the building blocks for mutually respectful international relations., if we can only get an administration that would not set out to destroy it just because she set it into motion. (How infantile)

The IOKIYAR cowboy diplomacy is not only old, not only a collosal failure, but it makes our country look like a bunch of dumb-asses with personality disorders. Clearly, this is the greatest insult to The American People. (The injury comes with putting the policies into place. One cannot help but think of our men and women in uniform as Bush's "human shields".) glad to see you have struck out with your own rabid blog. good on ya!)

Anonymous said...


I only say middle-aged because it is my way of identifying with her. It's pride. Not a slam.