Thursday, April 12, 2007

An Attack in the Green Zone


It finally happened.I awoke to the cheery news this morning that a suicide bomber had blown himself up in the cafeteria of the Iraqi parliament building, killing several (the body count is eight so far).

But the horror I felt was not at the bombing – it was at the cold realization that I had realistically been expecting something like this to happen – especially after that dog-and-pony-show McCain, Graham and Pence treated us to. (Question: How many clowns can you fit in a Company of soldiers? Answer…Three.)

The last week of March, a rocket slammed into the fortified area and killed two Americans. The casualties were unusual, but not the rocket. (Rockets and mortars often get lobbed toward the Green Zone. But usually nobody dies.)

When the news broke on April 1 that two unexploded suicide vests were found in the green zone, my husband and I just looked at one another with dismay. “I give it thirty days – but something bad is going to happen.” I said. “Something really earth-shattering. Something that will shift everything.”

He said I was being generous, that something bad was barreling down the pike all right, but it would be sooner, not later. He also said that things like that are like mice…For every one you see, there are fifty more. He was, of course and as per usual, correct on all counts – which by the way is a very infuriating trait in a spouse – just so everyone knows what a saint I am…

It is easy to see something like this as pure brinksmanship. “We will see your stroll through the market, and raise you 21 executions and a suicide bombing in Parliament itself.”

Jolly good show - George, John. Jolly good show indeed.

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