Saturday, April 14, 2007

Baghdad Bridges, Falling Down

A second bridge has been brought down in Baghdad. It is the second time in two days a suicide bomber has brought down a major bridge.

Baghdad is a city divided by a big river. Bridges have been a vital part of the life of that city for as long as we have had written history. The two halves of the city are joined by twelve ten bridges across the Tigris.

The impact of one bridge destroyed was palpable. Two is a devastating compromise. Traffic was already a nightmare, and the city was already a frustrating maze to navigate. traffic jams will increase - and a lot of sitting ducks will be trapped in gridlock for hours every day.

This action represents a new phase of warfare. It smacks of strategic objectives and planning. It strikes at the economic heart of the city. (I'm sure somebody will be along to tell me how this is really a good thing.)

And since Larry Johnson already explained it yesterday, so I'm linking to him and going to bed.

Was this a depressing fucking week, or what?

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely disastrous; and yes it has been a pretty depressing week.