Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Senate passes war funding resolution, with deadline for withdrawal

The Democratic controlled Senate today held firm and passed a war-funding resolution that carries a deadline for withdrawal of March, 2008. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the moment was nigh to "send a message to President Bush that the time has come to find a new way forward in this intractable war."

Of course, President Bush – who knows nothing of war himself – threatened to veto any legislation that carries any “date certain’ for withdrawal of troops, and Mitch McConnell, always a reliable Bush boot-lick said the Democrats were insisting on a “surrender date.”

"That's not surprising from a White House that has stubbornly refused to change course even in the face of dwindling support from American people whose sons and daughters are dying" said Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont.

The ball is in Bush’s court now. So let him veto it. Let it be his signature that cuts off funding. Let him tell the troops in so many words that they are expendable and he will keep this clusterfuck going for as long as he chooses, and he will by-God get just as many of them killed for his lies as he wants, and Congress and the American people can just go hang. He’s the “Decider” after all.

He can try to spin it however he wants, but the fact remains, the houses of Congress are no longer stacked to the rafters with loyal Bush millions, and he will play ball, or it will be a long and miserable 21 months. Given his approval rating is hovering at 28% and 70% of the people in this country are realistic about the situation in Iraq, just let him try to play the blame game. I don’t just dare him…I double dog dare him.


Apollo 13 said...

I triple dog dare him. Bush doesn't realize the momentum that will pick up for Dems if he idiotically vetoes the bill.

I predict if he does, the cries for his impeachment will spread. Only a minority -- the deadenders, the corrupt who have much to lose, and the boot-licking pundit class -- will criticize the Dems as they step up their investigations of Bush's administration.

In the Newsweek poll of Jan, 24-25, 2007, 58% of Americans "wish that George W. Bush's presidency was over."

Bush, in other words, will fuck himself over and his party with a veto of this bill. Heh. Like I said, I triple dog dare him.

The Mandarin said...

For excruciating detail on just how much 1LT Shrub (TxANG AWOL) doesn't know about war, check out a timeline of his so-called military "Career" at:

The Mandarin

PeakEngineer said...

The Dems successfully managed to get Bush stuck in an unmanageable position -- if he vetoes this bill, there might not be any emergency spending bill passed. But I wouldn't underestimate the spin weavers' ability to manipulate public anger and turn it toward the democrats in order to force the funding. A few well-placed stories of how "the troops have to walk barefoot because the dems cut off the funds but they can't come home because the mission isn't over" could be damaging.