Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sacrificial Lam

First off, let me say, if you aren't clicking over to Watching Those We Chose and getting the analysis of the Justice Department scandals from Corpus Juris, you are missing out on the best analysis of the Justice Department scandals out there. He knows the material and he makes it all understandable and readable. If you haven't checked it out yet, do so now.

Here is what it all boils down to...

Carol Lam, the U.S. Attorney for San Diego, who took down Duke Cunningham and sent a powerful Republican congressman to prison was on the verge of taking down another (Jerry Lewis). Indications are that either Brett Wilkes or Kyle "Dusty" Foggo was about to flip.

She was going after corruption wherever she found it, and this displeased movers and shakers in the Republican ranks.

Uppity woman, anyway. Who the hell did she think she was?

Not to confuse TV with real life or anything, but I've watched a lot of procedurals, and when a crowd gets mowed down, there are always a lot of innocent victims, and one targeted individual.

In this crowd, the targeted individual was Carol Lam.

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Apollo 13 said...

Happy Blog-oversary!

You have been nailing it now for two years. Props and here's to many more.