Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Make the Parents Pay


They made the kid go camping and he didn't want to.

Bribed him with five bucks.

He decided it sucked (smart kid) and decided to hitchhike home. He got lost in the woods, could have died, and had the entire country up-in-arms for days. Searchers out night and day.

The happy ending is, he was found alive.

Now, send his parents a bill for the rescue efforts.


exMI said...

Heh, give him a copy of My side of the Mountain and put him out there again until he learns to live without his gameboy.

Larry Burkum said...

I've not read this tale. Where did you see this? The part about the bribe, I mean. Not questioning it, just find it interesting the chattering Faux folks haven't made a big deal out of it.