Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lets clarify something right now...

This comment left at Political Animal set me to thinking about something…

"The Justice department is in big trouble." And Homeland Security is in big trouble. And the national economy is in big trouble. And unions are in big trouble. And the poor are in big trouble. And ... Just the way the left likes it.

Posted by: mhr on March 25, 2007 at 12:54 PM | PERMALINK

As the ground erodes beneath those intent on denying reality and it’s well-known liberal bias, the meme is shifting.

Suddenly, the right is engaging in a particularly smarmy smear campaign. Now, we are ‘gleeful’ and ‘joyful’ when we hear bad news, because we hate Bush so much. So really, you see, those dirty hippies to the left of Ollie North are all still “bad Americans” and that justifies continuing to ignore us.

Yep. We have had the audacity to be right for the last six fucking years. Therefore we are bad Americans because we were not only right, we have lost our sense of humor with the mantra of the lockstep lemming brigade who ignored us and pooh-poohed us.

Anyone who thinks I take one scintilla of joy in any of this shit is barking mad. I absolutely do not take any measure of satisfaction in anything that has happened, and I take it as a personal affront if anyone ascribes that motive to me.

There is nothing – absolutely nothing – to celebrate in anything that is happening.

Claiming such undermines and maligns the credibility of those who maintain otherwise, not those who have, I repeat, been right all along.


Anonymous said...

Needlenose. Moving the Overton window. Mind control and bullshit as dialogue.

Anonymous said...

Their smear campaigns never stop; we know that; and yes it is insulting to those of us who do know better. Shows what "true patriots" they are, eh? That is what "true patriotism" has become, for them.

Anonymous said...


Don't take anything MHR posts as proof of brain cells. He (she) has none.