Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy Blog-o-versary?

I think.


That's what the archives say, anyway.

I happen to remember it differently. I remember having a hissy-fit directed at my juvenile delinquent of a governor and starting to blog. Oh well. I can't find the posts I think I wrote first, but in my neophyte blogging days I made a lot of rookie errors.

Anyway, if this is indeed my first post, as the archives indicate, then I think I will stick with this political blogging thing for the time being, because I freakin' nailed it!!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Unseat these Senators in 2006!!!

I am feeling like the Social Security crisis is all but behind us. Think about it in TV terms: When you enlist a cute child actor to bolster a flagging series, cancellation is not far off. Cousin Oliver sounded the death knell for the Brady Bunch. Bush's little nine-year-old huckster/shill is to Social Security what Cousin Oliver was to America's favorite blended family. Of course the idea to use this kid didn't last long did it? I'm guessing a few stern looks and questions like "Why isn't he in school?" from grandma's and they sent the kid back from whence he came.

But I digress. Now that the Social Security crisis is past, I am concentrating on the judicial nominees in the short view, but the 2006 elections are my main focus. We could take back the senate in 2006. Lets look at the Republicans in Class I, and lets mobilize to unseat some of them, shall we?

Mike DeWine of Ohio is a pretty smarmy guy - he declared bankruptcy on hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit card debt, but to tell the credit card industry that he was really really sorry, he offered up the middle class with this new bankruptcy bill! Ohio voters, please remember who destroyed your safety net in the event of catastrophic illness or job loss. When you remember this, help him lose his job. Next time he won't be able to bail out so easily, and it's at his own hand!

Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania is facing a challenge that he takes lightly at his own peril. This is the seat that was held for years by the moderate Republican John Heinz. Theresa was mortified when this right-wing fascist little weasle ascended to her husbands seat. Santorum is way far to the right compared with the rest of his state. He is not a politician so much as a zealot. The most likely challenger is Bob Casey, Jr. Casey is the son of beloved former governor Bob Casey Sr. and he has the name recognition and he inheritted the political clout to defeat Santorum in what is shaping up to be the most expensive senatorial race in history.

Jim Talent of Missouri faces a tough fight to keep his seat. The freshman senator faces an angry electorate. After turning Red in 2004, Missourians are waking up the morning after and feeling used and duped. This seat can almost certainly be won by a Democrat. Right now it looks like he may face Jeanne Carnahan again, the widow who assumed her husbands seat when he died in a plane crash right before defeating John Ashcroft. But don't rule out Clair McCaskill, a tough prosecuter from Kansas City, she ran for state-wide office as auditor, won, and did a stellar job. She lost a squeaker for the Governors Mansion to Matt "The Boy Blunder" Blunt. She may bide her time and wait for the next governors race, but she is a name and a face that Missourian's know and trust, and she has a record to run on. A McCaskill/Talent race is one I would almost pay to watch!

Those are three seats that could definitely be taken. And Lincoln Chaffee in Rhode Island has one hope only of retaining his seat: He will have to switch parties. Rhode Island will have a Democrat in that seat, one way or another. That is just a given.

That's it for now - I will be back soon with a hit-list of republican house members in desperate need of unemployment!

Not bad, huh?

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