Friday, March 23, 2007

Because Kevin Dropped the Ball Friday Catblogging

Over at Political Animal, Kevin Drum fell down on the job today and deprived his readers of Domino and Inkblot. Okay, fellow Animals, since most of you got here from there anyway, here is your Friday catblogging by proxy -

Other cats settle for a pet bed.
Mine require their own damned futon.

Charlie, sacked out with Zoe

Phoebe has finally emerged from the closet.
We'll see what next week brings, but don't
hold your collective breath for a class photo.

And a shot of Charlie, just for you, Elmo.


Mr. 618 said...

I notice, in the second pic, that you provide a cell phone for the cats. I would assume this is to make it easier for them to call out to Domino's, for a half-mouse, half-sparrow deep dish with extra cheese.

It's the non-feline-Americans like you that make life bearable for poor hard-working feline-Americans.

Be proud. Be very proud.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell ya, that Phoebe is beeyoutiful, but then so are the others, just in different ways. Dontcha just luv 'em?!

Dad the Realist said...

Humpf. Your cats might want their own futon, mine wants her own room!

Be thankful!

Anonymous said...

My dear Hormonal Citizen,

Please ensure that your cats do not get tapeworms. I have had several tapeworms this year alone. I get those tapeworms from eating raw elbow macaroni as a snack. A sure sign that your cat has a tapeworm is a sudden loss of weight and a stringy thing that is not the cat's tail swishing out the back of the cat.

Thank you.

opit said...

Stressed,I tell ya. Croolty to aminals. And we call them dumb.