Friday, July 25, 2008

You Know, Pawlenty Would Be a GREAT Pick

Sorry--just feeling like a concern troll this morning.

Is there serious consideration that Senator John McCain will pick Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty? Let's hope so. He has quite a few negatives that will help pigeonhole McCain on a number of issues:
Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty drew more attention as a likely short-lister earlier this week after McCain brought him up unsolicited in New Hampshire, telling a private meeting of delegates they were “really going to like him.”

At a media availability inside a Bethlehem, Pennsylvania grocery store Wednesday, McCain was asked about talk Pawlenty was at the top of the list.

At first, McCain demurred, saying “you know that I can’t mention any names. We have a process going on.’

Pressed on whether he had anything positive to say about him, McCain quickly said, “Oh, Tim. I’m sorry. He’s a great, fine person.”

Pawlenty is a special-interests candidate, through and through. He has seen campaign contributors like Piper Jaffray receive fines for giving him money. When in doubt, he always goes with a religious right view on the issues. He vetoed a bill that would have kept phthalates, flame retardants, or other polymers or chemicals from being used in maternity care--how stupid is that? You get a bill like that, you sign it. So, aside from being a bit of a wingnut, and being, well, boyishly young in comparison to John "Cotton Hill: McCain, Pawlenty recently vetoed home foreclosure relief in Minnesota:
In a move that political analysts say could hurt Tim Pawlenty's VP chances, the governor vetoed the Foreclosure Deferment Bill on Thursday. The measure would've kept nearly 15,000 Minnesotans from losing their homes by giving them the time and authority to renegotiate their loan terms while they make a required good-faith effort to pay. Pawlenty claims the temporary foreclosure freeze would make credit more expensive an add an "additional business risk into mortgage agreements."

About the only thing going for Pawlenty is that he has a pulse. Other than that, he's probably no worse than any other pick McCain could make. McCain has ties to lobbyists, a dismal voting record when it comes to taking care of people, and religious right maniacs braying at him constantly. Tim Pawlenty helps drive home those negatives with his own baggage.


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