Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday Morning Quick Hits

Obama is serious about Missouri!
It's unprecedented! The Obama campaign is going to have 150 paid staffers in 30 offices, all over the state! McCain's people - who have 12 to 14 staffers and 10 offices - tried to dismiss it as "desperate" - but I would say "determined" is a more likely adjective. And KC readers - do not dispair! The "full Kraske" GOP spin is inserted about half way down with this little nugget: Neither campaign has begun to organize in Kansas, won by Obama Feb. 5, but which has long backed GOP candidates. Um, not so much Steverino. The only time we have not gone to the eventual winner in over a century was in 1956 - when our grandparents voted for Stevenson over the sitting President Eisenhower. Now does that sound like a republican stronghold to anyone? (If your lip is purple, you need not answer.) Care to try again, Steve?

McCain is spinning like a top about a topic he knows fuckall about, by his own admission
While health care costs have skyrocketed and more Americans have lost their insurance, Senator McCain has repeatedly voted in the Senate to make it harder for American families who have been devastated by illnesses or injury to be protected from financial ruin. In fact, Senator McCain's record on bankruptcy issues, especially medical bankruptcy, has been one that has consistently left Americans behind. Senator McCain has voted against protecting people forced into debt due to their medical bills, against exempting families from a means test if their financial troubles were due to medical expenses and against protecting people's homes from being seized because of medical debts. Senator McCain even voted against efforts to exempt Hurricane Katrina victims from the 2005 Bankruptcy Law, and was a supporter of the 2001 and 2005 bankruptcy bills which tightened bankruptcy rules to the benefit of business interests and to the detriment of financially struggling Americans..."John McCain's economic tour this week is yet another attempt to distract from the fact he is promising four more years of failed Bush economic and health care policies that have callously left hard-working families struggling to pay their health care bills and survive a catastrophic illness or injury," said Democratic National Committee Spokeswoman Karen Finney.

We are almost there!
We need less than $150 bucks to meet our fundraising goal that we set for my trip to Netroots Nation that is fast approaching. If it comes in today, this will be the last time I noodge anyone to drop their spare change in the laptop case. And speaking of the upcoming trip, I have a bazillion errands to run before the fast-approaching departure date. To those who have already donated, thank you, thank you, thank you; a million times thank you!


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