Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Watching the heads of the Übermenschen explode

Over at The Corner and The Weekly Standard they are in full froth over Obama's successful trip abroad. Dean Barnett tries to equate a minor slip of the tongue with McCain's senile dementia where the time arc of the Iraq occupation is concerned, but Byron York is in pure writhing agony over Obama's ability to maneuver seamlessly with the players on their own court, and pissily preens [W]hat good suggestions for McCain. He might visit a foreign country — Has he ever done that? Have the staff check. — and stride across a military tarmac, sling his jacket over his shoulder (might be a little difficult, given the limited range of motion in McCain's arms due to those old war injuries) and meet foreign leaders. Wall-to-wall coverage would follow.

Um, no. He's there so fucking often they give him his mail.


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