Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Quick Hits - Blue Girl Made it to Austin!

Or did she??? Oh, I'm such a worrywart!
The rest of this week I'm joining 2000+ of my fellow bloggers, political workers, and technology addicts in Austin Texas at the annual Netroots Nation conference. As a Democracy for America Scholarship winner I was given the ultimate gift of a free ticket to the conference, free hotel room (shared with the unbelievable blogger BlueGirlRedState) and was graciously given a free airline ticket by kind soul/donor Denise.

This is good news--the train ride from hell is likely over. What do you want to bet she never, ever rides another train ever again, unless it's light rail with an escape hatch?

I'd do the quick hits, but I'm just so overwhelmed right now, I have to go sit down and genuflect with relief...I honestly thought we were going to have a broken arrow situation.


I did make it and i am in the scholarship winners caucus right now, and heading off to a Dean rally in a few. I'll keep you all posted and try to blog something this afternoon.

Thanks all - details will be forthcoming on the railcar to hell...

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