Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Refuting the Idiotic Assertions of K-Lo

It's super-bonus wingnut-debunking time--and why not go with a slam-dunk and take some K-Lo (Kathryn Jean Lopez) out for a good debunking?

Today, she gets some valuable exposure from the folks at CBS News.com:

George Bush may have gone to war for Halliburton and or his daddy but at least he wasn’t getting us attacked in New York and Washington again. During the 2004 campaign, Clark explained that President Bush “was focused single-mindedly on missile defense, the centerpiece of his foreign policy.” And so: “George Bush was sworn in in January 2001- a full nine months before the attacks. That day he took the oath that every commander-in-chief of our nation has taken: to defend our nation and to protect the lives of the American people. But for nine months he did not live up to that oath.”

As always, the facts surface and K-Lo is left holding her plentiful sack of lies...

According to Clark: “They [the administration] disregarded the warnings of the intelligence community and the Clinton administration on what the greatest threat to America was. They marched to their own drumbeat and they got caught out of step and it cost 3,000 people their lives in this country.”

Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S

It does beg the question of what exactly the Democrats who were in the White House before Bush did to prevent 9/11. But that would suggest Clark should be held accountable for his words, something the U.S. media hasn’t bothered to do. If we did, Clark would not be an Obama foreign-policy adviser, he would have never been on "Face the Nation" as an Obama surrogate, he would have never been a Hillary adviser ridiculously arguing that Clinton’s experience exceeds McCain’s.

He did a hell of a lot more than Bush ever did.

Conservatives should not let this Clark moment pass. Barack Obama should distance himself from efforts to dishonor McCain’s military service. Obama should be disappointed and saddened. This is not the Wesley Clark he knew. And he should drop Wesley Clark as an adviser. That would be general progress away from the paranoid style of American politics.

Right after McCain drops all of the Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth (like Bud Day), the lobbyists who think that if terrorists strike the US that it would be good for McCain (like Charlie Black), and anyone else who is incapable of understanding that Wes Clark isn't the bad guy here--the bad guy is the guy who forgot to hide what was in McCain's military records.


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