Saturday, July 12, 2008

The real reason Matt Blunt opted out of running for reelection

As soon as Governor Matt Blunt of Missouri announced that he would not be seeking a second term "because he had accomplished everything in one term" that he set out to achieve; we were immediately suspicious and doubted his claim because there are still a few people receiving Medicaid.

Almost immediately my phone started ringing, and every single call laid out a plausible scenario for an impending indictment, most of them based on the fee-office fiasco from his first months in office. During every single one of those calls I made some notes, and then filed them away, waiting for corroboration that never came.

Most recently, the rumor has been pervasive - he is going to be "outed."

Yesterday, I got an email from a prominent attorney friend of mine with the subject line URGENT! CALL ME ASAP!!! so I did - I tend to always comply with urgent messages from attorneys - and I got some details.

Now folks, it is still just a rumor until you read it in the Post-Dispatch - but here is what we have on good authority will be substantiated in the coming days...

The governor has had an ongoing homosexual relationship with a 29-year-old real estate broker from the St. Louis area.

Apparently, Matty B is one of those self-loathing gay people who publicly rail against their inner selves, almost like they are engaging in some form of exorcism - "if I say it enough, and believe hard enough, I won't be gay any more."

I tried to dig up some quotes and comments from both Matt and his father Roy. All I felt was ill.

I am the mother of three fantastic children - and the youngest one happens to be a lesbian. This does not make me love her any less, nor do I think she should "change"
because some people are narrow-minded and priggish. My daughter is gay. She is also well adjusted and healthy and happy because she grew up in an environment knowing that she was loved unconditionally and that would never change.

Some of her friends in the gay community are not so lucky - many of them were dragged to therapists and psychiatrists and medicated against their will by parents intent on "fixing" them. Many more were unable to cope and acted out - cutting and self-mutilation, drug abuse and self medication - kids kicked out of the house and onto the street while still in high school for the sin of being born gay.

Revisiting some of the hateful spewings that have emanated from Roy Blunt just broke my heart after I put it in the context of a little boy, just entering adolescence, who is starting to figure out his sexuality and suspects he might be different. It's enough to make you want to break down and sob.

What really pisses me off is the fact that adults, intent on absolute control, damage their kids for not being what they, the parents, envisioned.

Parents, love your kids. Unconditionally. And if you don't have the capacity to do that, then you have no business even attempting to parent.

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