Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Senator Barack Obama in Iraq with General David Petraeus:

BOTH Photos: (AP Photo/Ssg. Lorie Jewell, HO)

Was this a fake interview with General Petraeus? Andrea Mitchell does everything she can to carry water for John McCain and ends up looking just as irrelevant, confused and as lost as he is. These are the photos that the chattering class in Washington DC did their damnedest to keep you from seeing because it blows their "narrative" sky high. John McCain doesn't look Presidential--he looks confused and lost when compared to Obama.

And doesn't the good General look like he's found a new friend?
[h/t to Daily Kos diarist drational...]

UPDATE: More desperate hysterics from the right wing (Instapundit):
A PREDICTION: If Barack Obama is elected President, he'll be far more warlike than President Bush, and far more warlike than his pre-election rhetoric suggests. Because before he's elected President, attacks on America are just attacks on America. But after he's elected President, attacks on America will also be attacks on Barack Obama.

And Keith Olbermann will describe the mushroom cloud over Tehran as "awesome in its rampant Technicolor beauty."

Yeah, that'll happen--if only because the calm, cool, rational people always fly off the handle for no reason and start wars while the insecure, daddy-hating dry drunks always make sane, sober choices. And doesn't that also mean that Obama really is patriotic? Just sayin'.


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