Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lest you forget that there is a McCain Media Mancrush™

You need look no further than CBS News.

On the one hand, they leave on the editing room floor footage of "a noun, a verb, the Surge™ McCain" blundering horrifically and getting facts exactly wrong on his supposed signature issue, Iraq. (The Surge™ has been so effective, like Superman, it affected time and caused the Anbar Awakening to get underway more than six months in advance! Even before the 2006 election! That is one powerful Surge™!!!)

Then look at the headline on the Obama interview: Obama: Surge Doesn't Meet Long-Term Goals And Katie Couric starts off the interview with "you haven't been to Iraq since 2006" and continued with style of questioning that she certainly didn't employ when she interviewed John $idney. And by the way, everyone who knows anything about COIN that didn't come from the movies knows that the Surge™ was a shell game. It was designed to run out the clock and pass the clusterfuck off to the next guy, and everybody with two firing neurons knows it.


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