Monday, July 14, 2008

James Janos Chickens Out

Someone convinced him not to be a spoiler, I guess:
Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura has decided not to run for U.S. Senate in that state, he told CNN's "Larry King Live" Monday night.

Jesse Ventura says he decided not to run in part because he didn't want to submit his family to media scrutiny.

Ventura, a former professional wrestler, had said last week he was weighing whether to run. The deadline to file for the race is Tuesday.

Ventura said he was "close" to running against incumbent Republican Sen. Norm Coleman, but he decided against it because he didn't want to submit his relatives to the kind of media scrutiny they endured when he was governor.

As I said, the freak show that is Janos continues unabated. Every time he sees an opportunity to try to regain relevance or political power, he's going to head fake and cause a ripple. He would not have won a Senate seat had he chosen to run this fall--he would have siphoned off enough of Al Franken's support to throw the election to Norm Coleman. As it is, Franken has a tough road ahead of him.


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