Thursday, July 24, 2008

How Does McCain Get Away With This Stuff?

Steve Benen deconstructs what Senator John McCain wants to do with Veterans health care--and is the solution to "ration" it out?

It seems hard to imagine a presidential candidate, running in the midst of two wars, openly speculate about cutting back on veterans’ health care. And yet, here we are.

Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain appeared Tuesday to suggest rationing of veterans’ health care may be needed so combat veterans can receive the care they deserve.

At a town hall meeting in Dover, N.H., McCain talked about the need to “concentrate” veterans’ health care on people with injuries that “are a direct result of combat.”

“Right now, there are people who drive a long way and they stand in line to stand in line to get an appointment to get an appointment,” McCain said.

Retirees are having to compete with wounded Veterans for health care appointments--the promise made to BOTH says that ALL will be cared for. It doesn't matter if you served in peace or in war--if you're a Veteran, you get care. The problem with McCain's party-line voting record is that the Republican Party has a long history of slashing benefits for every American, be they poor, young, mentally ill or just plain sick. And that voting record is dismal and shameful on Veteran's issues. The "awards" McCain brags about getting come from partisan Veteran's organizations that ignore the Republican record on providing benefits and are more closely aligned with the agenda of the National Rifle Association and the evangelical conservative movement.

If that's not your position, don't bother running for President.


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