Thursday, July 17, 2008

Exposing a Scammer: "Blog of the Unknown Soldier"

Looks pretty bland and generic, doesn't it? Someone sure tried to make it look anguished and forlorn, didn't they? All part of the manipulation process.

Well, that was part of the deception.

In case you were wondering, yes we do care about our blogroll.

I just yanked that blog from our blogroll.

Yes, we do care about Veterans issues and we do whatever we can to help people in need. There are some people out there that are on the ropes, they're not getting taken care of, and they need support and help. We will ALWAYS work for those people and help them out in any way we can. But, there's this incident, and it leaves you pissed off and frustrated. Every once in a while, you run across someone who you question. You say--is this person on the up and up? Is this person trying to scam us?

It's my sad duty to report that we just had a run-in with someone who is, in all likelihood, a scammer using a phony story about being AWOL to get some money out of people. This person blogrolled us, wrote for assistance, and laid it on pretty thick.

After frantically asking for some money to pay a lawyer, the blog disappeared.

The profile was scrubbed and the disappearance wasn't because of something the US Army did--it was because the scammer saw that we were checking out the sister sites that were linked into a rather short and rather obvious little blogroll of shame. The content of the "Unknown Soldier" blog was full of "stories" about an abusive wife and a unit that didn't care. Except the specfics were missing. Except that the unit commander and the first sergeant and the battalion commander weren't discussed in any detail. When someone is getting fucked by their unit, it's because the Company Commander and First Sergeant are working together to do so. It's because the platoon sergeant and squad leader aren't doing their jobs, or have decided to join in. And nothing happens til the old man--the Battalion Commander--issues the punishment, either via Article 15 or some other decision. No talk about going to the Inspector General--an important part of having a unit accountable for what it does or doesn't do to a soldier. No talk about going to a Chaplain--another powerful advocate who can help mitigate a unit's attempts to railroad a soldier. Nothing. Just a bunch of nonsense that tipped us off when we looked at it through the eyes of people who have, you know, actually served or have been spouses of people who have served--people who kinda know, you know?

This is the blog of someone purporting to be a survivor of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the blogroll at the bottom of the page links to The Unknown Soldier Blog. Both were set up in late May, 2007--within days of each other. There are other similarities that I found striking when I looked at both blogs at the same time BEFORE the Unknown Soldier blog disappeared.

Oh, and yes, I did get his paypal information. I'll let you know what happens with that. I'm also still waiting for someone from "The Mike Malloy" show to contact me--they actually put this guy on the air. I'm not holding my breath. There's no shame in being taken in by a scammer--there is shame in not admitting it and doing whatever you can to stop the person from taking advantage of others.

Are they the same person? No way to know for sure. Was this a scam? I'm pretty sure it was, and if I'm wrong and "the Unknown Soldier" can prove me wrong, I'll gladly apologize.

Til then, fuck off and die, you piece of bottom-feeding garbage. Trading on being a member of the military in order to rake in a few bucks--have a good fucking laugh and spend what cash you got wisely. If you are ever in a room with a real Veteran, and if you are ever exposed and caught and in the presence of someone who really did serve their country, may every single solitary inch of your weak and corrupt person crawl with shame and disgust for the sham you've carried out. You'll fucking know it, too, you sociopath. You'll fucking know what's happening to you because that creeping sense of "oh shit" is real, and it never goes away after you do something like this. You will forever be thinking, is this the moment when a real Veteran skins me alive for what I've done?

Hey, dude. Just sit back and wait for your moment. It's coming.

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