Monday, July 14, 2008

Can we stop with the "liberal media" trope now?

The House Oversight Committee uncovered some tasty little nuggets while investigating the cover-up surrounding the death of Pat Tillman and the Kabuki theater that was the Jessica Lynch rescue. If the media is so damned "liberal" why was Ron Fournier of the Associated Press sending Karl Rove encouraging messages and telling him to "keep up the fight" when he was lying to Americans about Lynch and covering up the facts surrounding the death of Tillman?

And Fournier wasn't alone - the media actually gave detailed instructions to the Mayberry Machiavelli's on how to manipulate the American public. Peggy Noonan (no ones idea of a liberal, granted) contacted the White House and advised them to find out Tillman's faith, and have the president go to a house of worship of that denomination and light a candle and say a prayer.

Tillman, however, thwarted that scheme from the grave...the selfless hero who gave his all denied them that lip-chewing, overwrought photo op - he was an atheist.


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