Saturday, July 19, 2008

Can Someone Explain Why Sally Quinn Still Has a Job?

I mean, really. She's touted as a contributor to the "On Faith" segment of the website. She took communion at the funeral of Tim Russert and she's not a Catholic. (If you've been to Sunday School, you know of what I speak when it comes to sorting out that issue.) Here she tries to legitimize a discussion of Astrology, faith, and the Presidency.

Note: I was going to embed the video, but it kind of whiffed on me. Check it out if you dare.

Yes--a discussion about astrology and the Presidency. I know, I know. My brain hurts after that, too.

Is Sally Quinn the village idiot of Washington DC? Sure looks like it. She's a "Washington Post Reporter" who actually claims to be a "Washington DC Insider" in her biographical sketch. Isn't there something about that one might want to downplay?

No Sunday school necessary:

I took Holy Communion at Tim Russert’s funeral mass. I am not a Catholic. I wrote about it for “On Faith”. I wrote about how I had interviewed Tim and asked him about Communion and transubstantiation and what it meant to him. He knew I had not always been a believer and he would tease me about bringing me over to the other side. Before I started the website he had always called me “Miss Sal”. Afterwards he called me “Sister Sal.”

He was a dear friend and I was devastated by his loss. Cardinal McCarrick conducted the funeral mass. Communion was offered. I took it. All I could think about was Tim smiling down at me and saying, “We’re winning you over after all, aren’t we Sister Sal?” It made me feel uplifted, close to Tim and it assuaged my grief.

I guess that settles it. Hey, to each their own. But PZ Myers wants that cracker...


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