Sunday, June 8, 2008

Why is this guy still around?

Floyd G. Brown, the owner of the diseased psyche who brought you the Willie Horton ad of 1988 is back, this time with an ideological hard-on for Barack Obama. He is raising money for a series of ads that he claims will expose Obama as soft on crime and out of touch with what Americans consider the number one issue: violent crime. (Really? Well, if you consider the war in Iraq a violent crime, then yes, I suppose technically the number one issue is violent crime...)

Anyway, the racist idiot is back and accusing Barack Obama of failing to expand the death penalty in Illinois to cover some gang related murders. "When the time came to get tough, Obama chose to be weak. . . . Can a man so weak in the war on gangs be trusted in the war on terror?" the ad intones ominously.

But let's consider what state Mr. Obama is from. Now why on earth would any legislator from Illinois balk at expanding the death penalty?

Oh yes, I remember many death row inmates in Illinois were exonerated by a group of journalism students that the Governor of the state declared a moratorium on all executions because the system was so broken.

How utterly irresponsible of Obama to fail to vote for state-sanctioned murder in that situation!

And never mind that the president doesn't have that much to do with day to day crime fighting anyway, and if you want to get the wingnuts in a lather and screaming about government ruining our lives, expand executive powers (under a Democratic president) to give the president sweeping powers to control your state local law enforcement officials. Give me a fucking break.

"Presidents don't deal with crimes. Governors and mayors deal with crimes," said James Alan Fox, a criminal justice professor at Boston's Northeastern University. "These are relatively fringe issues for presidents. Yet they certainly resonate when it comes to the electorate."

It's a hotbutton fear issue, and it is racist at it's very core. The fuckhead behind it knows that the republican brand is so toxic right now that if it was a Chinese toy it would be recalled, and the only prayer he and his ilk have is playing on the fears of the white working class. Oooh...the scary black man doesn't want to summarily execute scary black men! How can you expect him to keep you safe??? He'll throw open the prison doors and you'll be killed in your sleep!

Again, give me a fucking break.

It is time to drive assholes like this from the company of decent people. It is time that whipping up a frenzy of irrational fear blew up in the face of one of these fetid fuckheads. This Floyd Brown asshole is 20 years overdue for a good hoisting on his own petard.


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