Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Timothy Shriver, Concern Troll

Timothy Shriver says Hillary Clinton should just "do nothing" now that she's suspended her campaign. Hey, I'm sure that she thanks you for the advice, but it really wasn't necessary:

Hillary Clinton’s amazing campaign is over. Regardless of what one thinks of her, we can all appreciate the model she has set for women and girls. She’s redefined the possible in politics, and our country is forever changed because of her.

Pundits have already begun to evaluate her next political move. Senate leader? Legislative powerhouse? New York governor? None of the options seems exactly right.

At times of transition, when people don’t know where to turn, the spiritual world has an answer: Do nothing. Do nothing every day. Do nothing at all for several days and then continue doing nothing at least once a day for the rest of your life!

Sorry, Timothy. She's free to do whatever she damned well pleases, and your concern troll pleading to soothe her battered spirits underlies the fundamental reason why no one in your line of work understands her: doing nothing is what got us where we are today.

Doing nothing allowed George Bush to wreck the fucking country. Hillary was in there, every single day, trying to do something to stop it. You can complain about her vote for the war, but she was lied to like everyone else, and we're getting to the bottom of that, so you and everyone else can stop bitching at her for it. If she were to come out and say that it was a mistake, you and everyone else would bitch at her for that, too.

[If you want to comment, and bitch about the war, please do. But the point has already been made--voting to authorize the war was a mistake. Hillary was willing to do whatever it took to fix the problem, and she wasn't the one who suggested we stay there for a hundred years. So STFU.]

Now, the concern troll suggestion that she drop out of public life is all well and good, but I thank God for Hillary Clinton, because that's the last thing she's going to do. She's already back at work, fighting like crazy for the good of this country, and here's why:

For the next twenty or thirty years, a whole hell of a lot of us now get to work extra hard to un-fuck the country so that our grandkids can have something.

Hey, thanks for playing. Now, please go shut your fucking piehole and let us get to work.


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