Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Morning Quick Hits

McSame not only doesn't know the price of gas, he doesn't understand why that would even be relevant
Because, you know, we are all so well heeled that we can lose track of the properties we own and forget to pay the taxes on our beachfront condos...How the hell are these people getting away with calling Obama "elitist"???

Social Disease Hanson loses his mind in public again
Did you know that we are all a bunch of litigious, weak-willed Hamlets and we need to grow a pair and drill ANWR and build some new refineries and nuclear reactors and a border fence and all our problems will be solved? Yep. Those deregulated markets that got us into this mess will surely be the ticket out of the wilderness. Right? After all, Shakespeare warned us about the "dangers of thinking too precisely," so we should just go charging ahead, unencumbered by the thought process, because that has worked so well these last seven and a half years...

The court is in peril of falling over to the right side
And that is why Democrats have to make it an issue. It pisses me off that this Supreme Court has a good chance of outliving me, and McCain is offering social conservatives more justices like Alito and Roberts - and that scares the hell out of me. I don't want to live under a Supreme Court that finds civil liberties quaint, uppity women get slapped back into place and gulags and torture get the the cover of law. I can't live in Gilead, and if you read this blog, you can't abide it either. so mobilize, get with the program and elect Obama. My granddaughter is counting on us.

What good is your hat if you literally lose your head retrieving it?
A teenager visiting the Six Flags Over Georgia amusement park lost his hat riding the Batman roller coaster, so he hopped a couple of clearly marked safety fences attempting to retrieve it. He was struck by the roller coaster and decapitated.

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