Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Squirrel Blogging

In atonement for missing catblogging yesterday...

I've been crazy busy the past couple of days, but I did manage to get some pretty good pictures...if I were ever asked to give a commencement address, I would advise the graduating class to never get so wrapped up in anything that you forget to take time to watch the squirrels.

Last night, waiting for the Max in Brookside after a trip to Price Chopper before coming home for the night, I realized another benefit from my switch to public transit. Riding the bus forces me to stop, and sit down and wait patiently sometimes. When I was driving everywhere I needed to go, I would go months on end without sitting on a bench in a greenspace and just stopping for a minute and watching the squirrels, and now I look back and consider that wasted time. I highly recommend twenty minutes on a park bench at least once a week. It does wonders for ones mental health. Especially in this, the age of constant outrage.

Saturday mornings were made for the City Market! If you live in the burbs or an outlying area and don't go down there because it sucks to drive down there - park and ride. The Max and the 57 both drop you right there -

If you need a hand getting your bounty to your car, help is available!

I am a loyal customer of this family farm operation from Bonner Springs.

I love to see all these people eating locally grown foods!

That's me.

Magic for the kiddies.

Pony rides - that is Domo the mule.

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art has an interesting and practical community outreach project going on - they are setting up a tent at a different farmers market every Saturday and giving away these awesome reusable grocery bags to everyone who signs up to get their email newsletter. Look for them at the farmers market you frequent. The bags are great. They are sturdy and they have a hard bottom. Trust me - you want one.

Two final things before I get back to work in the physical realm...

I will be back with some quick hits this afternoon, and I'll check email and comments at that time, looking for an answer to this question - now that the farmers markets are open and we have all this delicious, wholesome local food, should I resurrect the Saturday kitchenblogging feature that I did last summer? Or is it pretentious and insufferable and best left lie?

And finally...Happy Anniversary - two days late - to Mr. & Mrs. Gone Mild. May you enjoy at least 26 more happy and interesting years together. Being married to someone you fall in love with over and over is a blessing to be treasured, and I know you do.

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