Monday, June 16, 2008

More Flood Coverage

Some of the pictures below the fold are older, but these are by no means the best or the most compelling. I'm just including them for casual interest. Is this story getting enough play? Too much?

As Iowa City hoped to elude the worst damage, the state had a multi-front battle on its hands. State officials warned of problems ahead for a string of towns in southeast Iowa along the Mississippi River, led by Burlington, a key railroad hub.

"It's likely that we will see major and serious flooding on every part of the southeastern border of our state from New Boston and down," Gov. Chet Culver said. "We are taking precautionary steps, we are evacuating where necessary, but that is going to be the next round here."

President Bush shows his concern for the people of Iowa by giving the Pope a picture of the two of them together:

Meanwhile, regular Americans do whatever they can to keep from being drowned:

Cedar Rapids IA:

Charles City IA:

Cedar Rapids IA:

Palo IA:

Cedar Rapids IA:

THIS photo identified as being taken in Springfield, MO:

It turns out, Springfield DID see flash flooding over the weekend:

The Springfield-Greene County Office of Emergency Management is asking property owners to report damage from the June 13 flood event, to assist the county with preliminary damage assessments.

Reports may be filed online at, Tuesday, June 17, through Thursday, June 19. The Office of Emergency Management will also staff a Disaster Hotline at 829-6200 on Wednesday, June 18, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., to fill out reports for individuals unable to access Internet.

Property owners are encouraged to report damage to residential, commercial or agricultural property, including structural damage and damaged items within flood-affected structures.

“We have received scattered reports of the extent of the flood damage throughout the area, and we’re really hoping to get more concrete numbers,” said Ryan Nicholls, Director of the Springfield-Greene County Office of Emergency Management. “We will pull this data together quickly and gather a more complete situational awareness to determine how much farther we need to go down the process of damage assessment.”

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