Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday morning quick hits

Western States Might Swing
All over the mountain west, liberalism (steeped in civil libertarianism) is on the rise and could see the political landscape turn from red to purple, or even blue. One in three Colorado voters is not affiliated with any party, and Democrats outnumber republicans in New Mexico by over 200,000 registered voters. (The republican party in Kansas has resorted to signed loyalty oaths.) And this year, McCain is going to have to fight for every vote, even though he represents a mountain west state in the Senate.

Iran readies itself for attack
In accordance with the Geneva Conventions, Iran is preparing graves for the bodies of enemy soldiers that might perish in battle during an attack on their nation.
"In implementation of the Geneva Conventions... the necessary measures are being taken to provide for the burial of enemy soldiers," the Mehr news agency quoted General Mir-Faisal Bagherzadeh as saying.

"We have plans to dig 15,000 to 20,000 graves in each of the border provinces or a total of 320,000," the general said, some of them mass graves if necessary.

Bagherzadeh said Iran was keen to "reduce the suffering of the families of the fallen in any attack against our country... and prevent any repetition of the long and bitter experience of the Vietnam War."

His comments came as the United States continued to refuse to rule out an eventual resort to force against Iran over its contested nuclear programme, which the West fears is cover for a drive to build an atomic weapon.

They also came as Israeli officials spoke of their determination to prevent Iran developing a nuclear capability at all costs.
I'll likely have more to say about this later...

For now, I am off to cover the Obama event in Independence. They are giving bloggers media access, and I will be there to record the speech, take pictures and talk to supporters. I leave you in Warren's capable hands until this afternoon.


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