Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday morning quick hits

Obama may go to Iraq, but not with McCain At a rally in Colorado yesterday, Barack Obama said he is considering a trip to Iraq to meet with American servicemembers and commanders after he secures the nomination, but he declined Mad Jack's invite. “I just don’t want to be involved in a political stunt.”

Go read Glenn Greenwald right now He has a long post up right now that just eviscerates the corporate media. Executives forced their news reporters to propagandize for war and for bu$h. Anyone who dared ask a tough question was threatened with removal of access and accused of being unpatriotic. There is also the most excellent April 2007 episode of the Bill Moyers Journal "Buying the War" that pulled the curtain back on what we in the reality-based community had been saying since 2002. (The link goes to the transcript of the show, because not everyone can watch video on line. Those who can, can stream the video.) For the record, you could do a lot worse than to make a standing date with Bill Moyers every week and Glenn Greenwald every day.

When you finish with Greenwald, go read John Cole Yes, I know he is in the tank for Obama, but he states it up front. He has a withering takedown of a rightwing blog post that tries to make the case that Buchenwald was just a slave labor camp, not a death camp, so the fact his great uncle helped liberate it was no big deal, and therefore Obama isn't fit for command. Or something.

THEN go read Sadly, No! for the best bitch slap ever delivered, bar none...

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