Monday, May 5, 2008

Some of You People Weren't Answering Those E-mails...

When bad things happen to good people:
The owner of a multimillion-dollar home on Foxhall Road in northwest D.C. was evicted on Monday.

The homeowner, Oladipo Aina, is a Nigerian-born CEO of a company called "The Potentional Millionaires Investment Club International." His business card says he is a foreclosure specialist.

Workers emptied the contents of the five-bedroom, 5,000-square foot home onto the sidewalk Monday.

Federal marshals looked on as two Rolls Royces were towed from the driveway.

"I am not afraid," Aina said.

Bank records show Aina and his associates in October were served with a 30-day notice to quit and vacate because another owner had purchase the home in a foreclosure sale.

"They are lying," Aina said.

Chairs, furniture and bags of personal effects took up nearly half a city block, causing people who live in the neighborhood to stop and stare.

Now, before you start to feel sorry for him...
Aina has 24 hours to move his positions. He said he's been railroaded.

"I have 30,000 acres of emerald mines worth billions," he said. He said the mines are located in Zambia.

Aina said he will move into an $8 million home in McLean as soon as he can get the people living there to move out.

I guess that settles that. Wanna bet the E-mails asking you, the most dearest one, to help transfer some funds from the Central Bank of the Ivory Coast to a Swiss bank account are "interrupted" until Aina can get his Internet access turned back on?

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