Sunday, May 4, 2008

"Pigs seen aloft"

That was the message from a friend in Louisiana who sent me the Washington Post link to the article about the flipping of the Louisiana 06 from red to blue after 33 years of a republican fanny sitting in that seat.

The special election race was a microcosm of the fall should Obama win the nomination - and it ought to put to rest the worries of a lot of hand-wringers that Obama is unelectable. It also points up that people of voting age (by definition, "adults") are able to distinguish between Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright.

The GOP tried mightily to paint State Rep. Donald J. Cazayoux Jr. as an ally of Senator Obama and the oft-vilified House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

It didn't work.
Democrats said the result in the Baton Rouge-based district showed that an anti-Obama campaign has its limits and that they are poised for very large gains this fall.

"These Republicans can run, but they cannot hide. Our candidates have proven that they are competitive, that they are viable. This is clearly adding up to a very bad year for Republicans," said Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Cazayoux's victory is the second staggering loss for the fast-fading-fortunes of the GOP. In March, the Illinois 14, the seat vacated by republican former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, flipped blue when Bill Foster, a Democrat and physicist, defeated James D. Oberweis, a republican and commercial dairy owner.

The handwriting is on the wall, writ large. The GOP has poisoned the well, salted the fields and burned down the town in the 14 years since the GOP seized power, started looting, and put a contract on America. They are doomed to a couple of decades in the wilderness.

It's quite simple and Bertrand Russell gave us the heads up decades ago when he said "all movements go to far." Movement conservatism was no exception. Until the GOP gets some contrition, finds their shame, replaces the hubris with humility, gets over their collective martyr complex and takes a hard, critical look at the behavior they have sunk to over the last decade and a half, they get to shake their fists angrily - and impotently - at the threatening sky.

Or don't.

I'll take forty years to fourteen any time when my side gets the forty because you greedy fuckers can't resist the temptation to overreach. I just thank gawd for personality disorders and the fact that you lot have no impulse control, because if you did we would really be screwed.

And for the next decade, I intend to apply myself to being just as nasty, hateful and vituperative to the pathetic diseased, backward-looking losers as they were to Democrats for their entire wretched reign.

Now make with the whining about how Democrats are being mean so I can mock you 'til you cry. Losers.

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