Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Office of the Special Counsel Under Investigation

This is never a good sign...usually, they give you til Friday to destroy the evidence and hide what you need to hide. What gives, Justice Department? I thought we had an "understanding?"

A multi-year investigation has led federal agents to search the Office of Special Counsel's building. Employees have alleged that the agency, which investigates whistleblower complaints by federal workers, was misused for political purposes.

Neither Office of Special Counsel head Scott Bloch nor anyone else has officially been charged with a crime. But the FBI secured a separate subpoena for Bloch's home.

According to a Wall Street Journal article from last year, Bloch used a private tech company — Geeks on Call — to delete e-mails instead of using his office's federal technicians.

Late Tuesday morning, the entire office's e-mail system was shut down — a fact that the San Francisco field office confirmed.

Other offices, including the one in Washington, did not respond to requests for comment.

I hate to tell Mr. Bloch this, but those Geeks on Call don't know what the fuck they're doing. See, they're comprised of people who can't get real IT jobs and, as anyone can tell you, good luck getting service from those bastards.

Anyhow, another day, another embarrassment. Another fruitless attempt at ferreting out lawbreaking and corruption. I guess Mukasey read our blog post and decided he had to move and move fast! Had this happened, oh, I dunno...TWO years ago? They might have actually, you know, 'caught' someone doing something. I'm not holding my breath.

[Here's how jaded I am--I had MORE fun combining the picture of Bloch with "Mr. Krabs" of Spongebob Squarepants than I've had all damned day...]


Just so we know what we're talking about here...

Mr. Bloch had his computer's hard disk completely cleansed using a "seven-level" wipe: a thorough scrubbing that conforms to Defense Department data-security standards. The process makes it nearly impossible for forensics experts to restore the data later. He also directed Geeks on Call to erase laptop computers that had been used by his two top political deputies, who had recently left the agency.

Geeks on Call visited Mr. Bloch's government office in a nondescript office building on M Street in Washington twice, on Dec. 18 and Dec. 21, 2006, according to a receipt reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. The total charge was $1,149, paid with an agency credit card, the receipt shows. The receipt says a seven-level wipe was performed but doesn't mention any computer virus.

Jeff Phelps, who runs Washington's Geeks on Call franchise, declined to talk about specific clients, but said calls placed directly by government officials are unusual. He also said erasing a drive is an unusual virus treatment. "We don't do a seven-level wipe for a virus," he said.

Mr. Bloch was a loyal member of the Bush administration, serving in the Justice Department's office of faith-based programs, when the president named him to head the Office of Special Counsel in 2003. Unlike many administration appointees, Mr. Bloch doesn't serve at the pleasure of the president. He has a fixed five-year term and may be removed only for malfeasance. That is supposed to ensure his agency has the independence to pursue any probe.

A "seven-level wipe" huh? Well, "blogger" won't let me post a picture of what they probably took off of his computer. How is it that this bastard wasn't arrested the moment it became clear that he destroyed evidence? Isn't anyone fucking paying any fucking attention anymore?

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