Friday, May 2, 2008

KC's Northland devastated by storm overnight

That thunderstorm I was so eager to enjoy last night was brutal in the devastation it left in it's wake. We are south of the river, so we were spared the devastation that the pictures below show. The only downside for me is a lack of bandwidth - I've had to reset my connection at least ten times in the three hours I have been online today. (The McSame post below was in the hopper for thirty minutes before I could restore the connection and post it.)

Here is the squall line.

This used to be an Arby's

The following are pictures of homes that were destroyed by last nights storm...

And I just got off the phone...I will be doing light blogging this weekend. Folks like me, with licenses and pensions, are going to be stepping up and staffing various hospital labs and care floors this weekend while our friends and colleagues who live in the northland can get a handle on the devastation that turned so many lives upside down.

Kitties will be along as bandwidth permits, and Sunday I will post the follow up to last weeks food supply feature post. But I'll be off for the evening soon...I gotta take a nap - I'm working tonight.

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