Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hagee has nothing on Rod Parsley where foam-flecked lunacy is concerned

In fact, Parsley might even lap him a time or two in the "crazy white preacher" department.

That Parsley guy knows how to hate.

He hates that women have any rights to reproductive choices, and equates Planned Parenthood to Nazis. And of course he hates gay people, as seems to be required of all evangelical nut-jobs...but his real venom is reserved for people of the Islamic faith.

He wants the faith utterly destroyed...

And talk like that makes my Jewish heart leap to my throat. Lat time that sort of rhetoric gained traction, six million of my people died. Yet McCain refuses to denounce this hatemonger who stops just short of calling for the violent death of one billion people.

Why won't McCain denounce this hater? Because he agrees, or because he wants the people who feel as Parsley does to think he agrees? Either way, it's not a characteristic that a country in crisis needs in a president.

And where the fuck is the media that was all over Barack Obama to denounce Jeremiah Wright? Why are those cloying fuckers so silent about this? Rhetorical question...they are all swooning in adoration, held in the grips of the mancrush. Sickening. Almost as sickening as the bile and venom spewed by Parsley.

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