Friday, May 9, 2008

Don't get your dumb ass killed

On Thursday afternoon I lost my internet connection because someone did something stupid and set the power lines in my neighborhood alight. Across the street from our building, someone who didn’t know what they were doing failed to survey the environment and didn’t act cautiously while trying to take down a tree in an urban environment with a lot of overhead lines, and got into a very dangerous situation, and at this writing I don’t know if the person up on that ladder was hurt - or even killed. (The picture of burning lines at the left was taken with my cell phone, and isn't the best resolution.)

I was in the middle of editing the profanity from my previous post about Matt Blunt to post it at Show Me Progress, when I heard a noise that sounded like the biggest, loudest arc welder ever was in the corner of the room, and the lights flickered. I don’t know if it was 30 seconds later or two minutes later, but I heard it again - longer and louder this time, and then the lights went out.

The “crew” that was doing the work scattered - we don’t know if the person who was on the ladder was hurt or not. We don’t know if he left under his own power or was thrown in the truck and taken to the hospital. But stuff like this kills too many people every year and injures even more.

Now I am going to beseech everyone to please, please, please, be careful. If you aren’t qualified to tackle a job, or you don’t have the right tools to do the job, don’t wing it. Hire a professional. The money you save trying to do something you know fuck-all about won’t resurrect your dumb ass if you kill yourself.

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