Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Citizen's Arrest

In order for there to be an actual arrest, you'd have to get past his bodyguard, Pam Atlas. A pie in the face would be nice, too.

John Bolton, the former US ambassador to the United Nations, faces a citizen's arrest when he addresses an audience at the Hay Festival in Wales this evening.

George Monbiot, the journalist and activist, is planning the action because he believes Mr Bolton is a "war criminal".

He said he was surprised that Mr Bolton would be allowed to "swim through the politest of polite soirees – which is of course Hay."

Mr Bolton, who was the American ambassador to the UN from August 2005 to January 2006, is due to talk at the Hay-on-Wye literary festival at 6.30pm on international relations.

I'd rather see the actual authorities from the Hague arrest him, but so much for wishes and good intentions.


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